Eine moderne Abklärung und Therapie von Schlaganfällen ist ohne Neuroradiologie unmöglich.

Barbara Tettenborn, St. Gallen, Neurologie

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Dieses Jahr vergab die SGNR den Preis "Best Abstract" in Höhe von CHF 1000.–. Es wurden alle SGNR Abstracts, inkl. der Vorträge bewertet. 

Der Preis wurde für folgende Arbeiten verliehen:


Improving the assessment of calcified carotid artery stenosis using a novel dual-energy CT angiography algorithm: Comparison with digital subtraction angiography

S Winklhofer, I DeMartini, J Ramachandran, S Wegener, B Schmidt, G Baltsavias, A Valavanis, H Alkadhi, M Manni; Zürich


Flow dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid between the intracranial cavity and the subarachnoid space the optic nerve using an MRI diffusion sequence
Berberat, D Boye, HP Killer, A Pircher, N Miller, M Montali, L Remonda; Aarau, Baltimore (US)


Dual-Energy Computed Tomography in Stroke Imaging: Value of Virtual Non-Contrast Images for Detection of the Hyperdense Artery Sign
S Winklhofer, V De Martini, Ch Nern, I Blume, S Wegener, A Pangalu, A Valavanis, H Alkadhi, R Guggenberger; Zürich

2015 Brain intrinsic resting-state functional connectivity modulation induced by mental effort in multiple sclerosis patients with fatigue
E Pravata, C Sestieri, M Caulo, G Riccitelli, C Zecca, A Cianfoni, C Gobbi

Emergent and elective carotid artery stenting in patients with acute symptomatic carotid stenosis and additional intraluminal carotid thrombus
M Hlavica, T Kahles, J Añon, M Diepers, BV Ineichen, C Garcia-Esperon,
K Nedeltchev, L Remonda
2014 Cortical reorganization of pain processing in patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Ch Weisstanner, L Mordasini, GN Thalmann, Ch Rummel, RK Verma, E Abela, P Jüni,
A Federspiel, TM Kessler, R Wiest
2013 Anatomical Location of Cranial Nerve Nuclei in Pons Lesions: Initial Experiences and Clinical course with Diffusion Tensor Imaging at 3T
NH Ulrich, U Ahmadli, H Bertalanffy, S Kollias, Zurich, Hannover; D
2012 Language lateralisation correlates with age in children born very preterm
IM Lavanchy, BC Ritter, C Kiefer, C Weisstanner, W Perrig, M Steinlin, R Everts, Bern
  Management Algorithm in European Moyamoya Angiopathy at the University Children's Hospital Zurich
N. Khan, D. Deannovic, M. Hoelzle, I. Scheer, M. Hug, B. Latal, B. Plecko, F. Kunz, A. Rauch, A. Buck, G. Baltsavias, Zurich
2010 Cerebral microbleeds and iron deposition in deep grey matter based on SWI discriminate stable versus progressive mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

SH Sven Haller [1], AB Bartsch [4], DN Duy Nguyen [1], CR Rodriguez [2], JE Emch [2], GG Gold [3], KOL Lovblad [1], PG Giannakopoulos [2]

[1]Neuroradiology, Geneva, Switzerland

[2]Division of Old Age Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Geneva, Switzerland
[3]Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics, Geneva, Switzerland
[4]Neuroradiology, Heidelberg, Germany
  Cerebrovascular Reserve Capacity (CVR) measurements in patients with steno-occlusive arterial disease using Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL)

M Hauf [1], F Kellner-Weldon [1], K Jann [2], R Wiest [1], A Federspiel [2], G Schroth [1]

[1]Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology, Inselspital, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland

[2]Department of Psychiatric Neurophysiology, University Hospital of Psychiatry, Bern, Switzerland