Eine moderne Abklärung und Therapie von Schlaganfällen ist ohne Neuroradiologie unmöglich.

Barbara Tettenborn, St. Gallen, Neurologie

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February 2017

It is a great pleasure to draw your attention to the article about the SFCNS published in yesterday’s issue of the SAEZ/BMS.

The article was written in the context of the past congress in Basel. But the team of authors, consisting of two past presidents, Prof. A. Valavanis and Prof. C. Bassetti and the federation's current president, Prof. K. Schaller discuss  much more than this past event only:
What are the future plans of the federation? What projects does the SFCNS focus on in 2017 and the next couple of years?

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March 2015

Konsensus Statement der ESO-ESNR-ESMINT-Gruppe